Henry Glassie: Field Work | Harvest Films | Independent Documentary Film Company

Henry Glassie: Field Work Official Trailer from Tina O'Reilly on Vimeo.

Henry Glassie: Field Work

Harvest Films | South Wind Blows | 105 mins

Screen Ireland in association with the Arts Council of Ireland

Henry Glassie is one of the most celebrated folklorists across the world. He has spent the last 50 years making in-depth studies of communities and their art. Inspired by and featuring Glassie – ‘Field Work’, is an immersive and meditative documentary set among the rituals and rhythms of working artists across Brazil, Turkey, North Carolina and Ireland.  Glassie’s  subject is folklore but his deep abiding love for the people who create it resonates throughout the film . “I don’t study people.  I stand with people and I study the things they create."